The Trading Company of Limited Liability  SC CERTKOOP  L&F  was founded on August in 2010 and is registered at the Trade Register Office at  the  law court of  Focsani  with the number  J39/330/24.08.2010  and fiscal code RO 27307121 and with the head office in Focsani,  street Antrepozite, number 3  in Vrancea county having as main activity the wholesale trading of fruits and vegetables.

            The responsibility of  management of company  rests with the General Assembly as the supreme governing body of the company and its management rests with the General manager  who is Mr. Neculai Tutoi .

           SC CERTKOOP L&F is a company manufacturers group which is recognized by the notice of recognition no. 22 from 29.04.2016 for the group of products fruits and vegetables and fruits or vegetables intended for processing by the notice of recognition no.145 from 21.12.2010 and administrates a surface of production of 44,505 ha of fruit trees orchard. Fruit production is made up of a wide and diverse range of assortments that are known and have a high demand on the market: apple, cherry, apricot, plum.


Estimated Production 140 tons
Estimated Production 180 tons
Estimated Production 180 tons
Estimated Production 450 tons


              The production of fruits and vegetables from the previous period imposed the necessity of building of a warehouse with controlled atmosphere with a useful capacity in total of 1500 tones and a hall of sorting and packing placed in the same building as for to exist a continuous flow of operations as taking over, sorting, packing, introducing and extracting from the warehouse of the vegetables and fruits.

               In designing of the warehouse there were traced primarily to achieve the following objectives:

- The maintaining of quality of product in storage, respective of organoleptic properties and physical-chemical properties;

- Increasing the length of time in storage for the purpose of movement of demand during the low season, to ensure harnessing of the high prices;

- Lower storage costs reported at unit of measurement;

- Framing within the environmental standards agreed in the European Union (expulsion the danger of explosions, as well as those of classical deposits, use of equipment, heat and materials without harmful impacts on the environment).

             The achievement of temperature and humidity conditions is done with a refrigerating system consisting of a Bitzer compressor unit, Guntner capacitor, Guntner vaporizers, elements of closure, Danfoss control and adjusting and electrical panels and installations.

              This type of refrigerating assembly with the components mentioned above is also the factor of progress towards the mandatory requirements and environmental protection in Romania, according to the environmental provisions..

              In addition to the conditions imposed by the environmental agreement, it has opted for a system whose cooling gas is the environmentally friendly freon type 404, which is without harmful effects on the environment, which represents a qualitative bounce of uniqueness in relevant industry in our country.